Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fridays: The Day I Love to Hate


Fridays are the probably the gym day I look forward to the most... and the least.  The class I do is somewhat cheesily called CHISL'D and is designed to be cardio-heavy with something "else" thrown in to keep it fresh.  I love the class for the cardio push and the feeling afterwards that I've made the most of those 45 minutes of my day.  It's also typically the hardest workout I have in the sense that it pushes me harder than I can typically push myself.  

This week's class was jump-rope-heavy -- 1 minute of jumping between "other" sets.  There's a move the trainer (Matt Hallas) has dubbed "Man-Makers" which involves a two-armed dumbbell curl while lunging, doing an over-head press while down in the lunge, stepping back up from the lunge while uncurling the weights, repeating that sequence with the other leg, then dropping down to do a push up on the dumbbells, doing a renegade row on each side, pop back up, and repeat again & again. (For added fun & excitement after the rows, do a T-pushup on each side instead of a regular push-up). 

Class started with the weighted lunges and built up to the full-blown thing step by step, each time moving down & back through the width of the fitness studio.  Other elements were weighted sumo squats, pushups, alligator walk w/ push-up, plank, bear crawl, crab walk, sprints, frog-jump/burpees (and certainly a number of other things I've already blocked out), and finished with several minutes of core abuse.  Matt kept talking about the "breaks" we were getting; I'm still not sure if the jump-roping was the "break" or if the other activities were supposed to be the "break" -- neither felt like much of a break!


Weekends are my dietary "cheat" days.  I typically don't bother tracking my food and just take an overall break from spending any mental energy on what I eat.  I still try to eat a lot of the 'right' stuff, but I'll allow myself to eat/drink whatever I want (and as much as I want).  Either Saturday or Sunday is also my "off day" from exercise with the other being devoted to my Distance Run.  This weekend, I'll be running on Sunday, so Saturday is designed to be my off day.  

Marathon training is going to bring an interesting challenge to eating on the weekends because I'll still need to be cognizant of ensuring I'm properly fueled (and hydrated) for the exercise effort I'm going to put forth.  Me thinks there's going to be some trail & error over the next few months before I get that nailed down.  Here's hoping I'm a quick learner!

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