Monday, April 11, 2011

What happened to the last week?!


Man, I knew I was slacking a bit on the blog, but a week?  Criminy!  Time flies!  Now that I sit down to write, it's clear that too much time has passed since I posted an update.  My attempts at "short" blog get verbose, so what now for a post that could see me up 'til all hours of the night writing?

I can't believe I didn't update after last weekend's long run.  I'll hodge-podge that in with a write-up about this weekend's 21.2 mile run.

I had a little mini panic attack when I couldn't recall any of my workouts for the first 3 days of the week.  Then I remembered that I traveled for business last week (flights on Monday & Wednesday) that killed two workout days.  Tuesday was the lone day of activity, a 2.5 mile run the Port Huron YMCA, a mixed-bag workout, focused primarily on upper body, and a 2.5 mile run back to the hotel.  The only day I did any diet tracking for was Monday.  It's so hard to accurately log food while eating out for 3 meals per day.  For this trip, it just didn't seem worth the effort.

2011-APR-04 Diet Log
2011-APR-04 Nike+ Run Graph (run to the YMCA)
2011-APR-04 Nike+ Run Graph (most of the run back to the hotel)

Thursday was an awesome tempo run.  6 miles in total with ~ 1 mile easy in and ~ 1 mile easy back with a 4 mile mid-tempo run in between.  I was supposed to hit an 8'54" pace for my Easy pace and 7'36" for my tempo pace.  If I did the math right, I ended up running the tempo portion at a 7'12" and the "Easy" pace was an 8'18"  This was the second run I did in my new Asics Gel Kayano 17 shoes.  I swear they cut ten seconds off my pace.  Pure comfort to run in.  The only downside is that I need to recalibrate my Nike+ setup with the new shoe... or not, since I've got it perfectly dialed in with my Saucony Guide's.

This was also a test run with a hydration belt.  I picked up a CamelBak Delaney Plus belt and wanted to do a test-run with it before setting off on my long run on Saturday.  Getting the cinching adjusted right took the majority of the run, but once I got it right, it was snug and comfortable. I barely noticed I was wearing it (and hauling 24oz of Accelerade around on my arse!)

2011-APR-07 Diet Log
2011-APR-07 Nike+ Run Graph -- calibration is off (and, therefore, so are pacing & distance)
2011-APR-07 Run Map & Stats (RunKeeper)

Friday was an off-day, both from work and from working out.  It was a "daddy daycare" day looking after Maeve & Vivian (now 21 mos old) while Laura did some about-town errands.  Knowing my long[est] run was coming up the next day, I committed to hydration and set a goal of at least 4000 Kcal of nourishment.  Factoring out the calorie burn of a 3-mile walk with the family, I ended around 3800 Kcal and put down a gallon of water.

2011-APR-08 Diet Log


One of the reasons I intended to do this blog thang every day was to keep a good log of my diet & training plan.  I will likely NEVER come back & read it, but the pack-rat in me likes to know that it's there... just in case.  I also know that memory fades very quickly and that things I'm SURE I'll remember the day of a run are gone from my memory banks a few days later.

In the coming days (more likely weeks), I intend to start writing less about the monotony of my runs and workouts (they'll still get a mention) and writing more about some of my daily routine and the self-experimentation I've done, both with what I put on my body for exercise and what I put in my body for exercise.

With this last push of travel behind me for a month or so, I also intend to get back into the habit of making this a daily blog.  I've had a lot of idea recently and I can't stuff them all into one post! 

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