Sunday, May 1, 2011

4 days with noooo running


In our last episode, our Hero had just completed a 20 mile run, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat and foiling Captain Fatigue and his IT Band once again.  What lurks around the corner this week?  Well, not much.

The recovery from the 20 miler really wasn't that bad. On Monday, I did my typical LIFT! class at the gym.  The weather was nice enough that we went outside for the class and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  We did a lot of supersetting (two exercises back-to-back) and got a good full-body workout.
2011-APR-25 Diet Log

Tuesday was scheduled to be Interval Day, but one of the staples of my previous training was Spinning and it's something I haven't done as much of this time as I wanted.  I was feeling more quad/hammy soreness today than on Monday and a Spin felt the best option.  The ride today had a Hawaiian ride-along video that was, frankly awful. You think, "Cool! Riding in Hawaii!" but the majority of the video was riding through residential neighborhoods. Where's the coastline?  Where're the volcanos?  ...and I'm pretty sure I saw at LEAST one cloud!

I ended up just keeping my head down for most of it and "visualized" my own ride. Overall I felt good on the bike, but felt weak in the knees toward the end, meaning I've probably lost some fitness there over the past several months.  I definitely need to get a few more sessions in before the race.
2011-APR-26 Diet Log

Predictably, Wednesday was Kettlebell day.  Another outdoor class!  It was upper 60s (maybe low 70s) and gorgeous! My back was still feeling a little tweaky, a carry-over from something I did last week (no clue what).  I stayed light and did the entire class with the 16kg weight, focusing on form & technique and trying to ensure I got full range of motion from the exercises.  Even going light, it was a great workout!
2011-APR-27 Diet Log

Thursday ended up being mostly a day off.  I needed to do a 10 mile Tempo Run and my solution for that was to run to work.  The weather Thursday was ugly, Friday was looking nice, so the extent of Thursday's workout was an Active Stretching class at the gym.  The was short (25 minutes) and centered around the proper use of a foam roller to "massage" muscles using body weight.  I'm already a believer in the therapeutic benefit of using a roller, but it was nice to get a professional walk-through of some of the varying ways it can be used.  I learned some new techniques and left the class feeling fresher than when I went in
2011-APR-28 Diet Log

(to be continued...)

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