Saturday, May 28, 2011



Keeping with the spirit of the Taper, this was a rest day.  I did go the Mike Blount's Active Stretching class at Synergy Fitness after work to get a good foam-roller "workout."  It's amazing a) how much something so easy looking can hurt so much; and b) how good your muscles feel afterwards.  As of Wednesday night, I started dosing with Aleve 2x daily to try to bring down some of the lingering inflammation behind my left knee.  My leg responded very well, probably to a combination of the NSAID, the standing desk, the lighter workouts & additional rest days, the increased stretching, the PT, and the fact that the damn thing can only hurt for so long!

We also did our Family Meeting for Team Deep Fried Bacon and did some gorging on food (no "drink" for me, at least not the kind that comes in a corked or capped bottle).  I was an alternate to run for the team, but ended up not needing to fill in, so I'll be doing the whole thing solo in my Company's enQuesta Runtime sleeveless shirt vs. the red Team DFB tech shirt (both of which look totally hawt!)

Due to the unpredictable/unknown nature of dinner-time meal, the diet log for today is ends mid-afternoon. I can comfortably say that I hit my calorie goal for the day. :)
2011-MAY-26 Diet Log

Crap, this race is getting close!  I logged 3 miles at my goal pace today in what will be my last run/workout before the race.  The weather for this weekend is looking awful (hot, humid, bleah) and I was hoping it would be hotter out for the run so I could see what it's going to be like.  Alas, it was a very pleasant day to be out & about.

My leg didn't bother me during the run (my hamstring was tight afterward, but it stretched out okay).  I ran at a comfortable pace which ended up being 7:48 per mile (goal was 7:55).  I didn't have my Nike+ shoes today & didn't want to run with The Belt to carry the Droid, so there's no real-time data for this run.  Sunday's run should be fully geeked out. :)
2011-MAY-27 Diet Log
2011-MAY-27 MapMyRun map of, um, my run (manually created)

Writing mid-day with jitters already.  As this afternoon progresses and I move through more & more pre-race prep, the pre-race jitters grow!  I sat down to write to take my mind off it for a bit (fat lot of good that did!)

I'm doing a slightly increased carb diet today & yesterday and dropping down on protein & fat. I'm sticking with my ~3000 Kcal diet goal and not trying to blast in extra calories.  If I've done this right, my muscles will be full loaded with glycogen and adding a gut full of pasta tonight would only add either a) weight to carry for entire race, or b) weight that may decide it desperately wants to part ways with my body somewhere around mile 16.

Laura & I hit the expo today with the girls to get our bibs and race packets.  We went late morning and I was hoping it wouldn't be a mob-scene.  Thankfully, it wasn't and we were able to get our stuff and take a couple of laps around the expo and score a few good deals on running gear.

I'm adding my Diet Log for today now, but it won't be complete until later today.  The 5(ish)AM wake-up call tomorrow morning is going to come VERY early.

For those who want to track my run, my bib (#2056) will update at 10, 13.1, 20, and 26.2 miles.  The link to get those updates is here:  Additionally, assuming iMapMyRun is working correctly, it will be spitting out every-mile updates to Twitter (@Corrado).

Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck Erin! Remember, it's like 75% psychological, 25% physical. You can do it, you've trained like mad for it, and you're in great shape! Just convince yourself of all that and you will be just fine!

  2. I heard someone say that it was 90% mental and 10% mental (that's not a typo). Right now, I just feel like I'm mad for attempting it. :)

  3. You can do it E! You've been an inspiration to us all! Can't wait to share the stories, laughs and bacon with you, Laura and the girls after the race. Run, Forrest, run!

  4. Its actually 95% physical, 5% mental. Good luck!