Thursday, May 26, 2011

Final Week of Pre-Marathon Taper!


T-Minus one week to race day.  The plan for the day was a 10-mile run at Marathon Pace (~7:55/mi).  I ran my favorite 8-mile loop out through Old Stage Road and added a 2-mile jaunt out to Indian Brook and back.  My left leg was still bugging me a little bit, but my general rule is that if it doesn't hurt enough to affect my stride, it's okay to run.  The idea for the run was that it would act as a dry run for race weekend.  Same pre-race ritual, same attire, same shoes. same pace, etc.

In all regards, the run was a success.  The shoes worked great, the new team shirt was comfy & chafe-free, and the pace felt easy.  That doesn't mean by any stretch that running 26.2 miles will be quite so comfortable, but at least I feel like I've done what I need to do to get there.
2011-MAY-22 Diet Log
2011-MAY-22 RunKeeper Stats
2011-MAY-22 Nke+ Run Graph -- This was the final test for the shoes, so the run also doubled as a calibration for the Nike+ sensor I've been using on the Asics; as a result, the data are a bit off.

This week is all about getting ready for the race -- no hard work-outs, at least, not for the lower body.  On Monday I went to my LIFT! class and was pleased to find that the focus of the day's class was upper-body.  Lots of shoulder work!
2011-MAY-23 Diet Log

Typically Tuesday is the day I run my intervals, but I really felt like an additional day off running would help my *still* naggingly sore leg.  So I went to spinning class and took the approach that anything that felt like it was becoming a good workout was too much.  My goal was to keep moving for the duration of the class and give my legs a chance to warm up and then spend some additional time stretching & rolling out my legs after class.

I also had my a session with my PT to get his opinion on my leg and what I could do to get it to loosen up.  The good news is that he didn't find anything new and gave me a few exercises to do leading up to the race to help free up my hips and get my lower body working like it's SUPPOSED to.
2011-MAY-24 Diet Log

I was a little nervous going into my interval run (6x400) today.  If I felt like it would have been too much of a push for my leg, I would have modified the workout, but I also know that the interval runs also have a tendency to really work out some of the ailments I've had in the past.  I ran the first 400m interval a few ticks slower, just to see how it felt.  The remaining 5 intervals were run at full pace and felt pretty comfortable.

The standing desk thing is getting easier as the week goes.  I don't feel the leg fatigue I did for the first day or two and I haven't been missing my chair as much as I did early on!
2011-MAY-25 Diet Log
2011-MAY-25 Nike+ Treadmill Graph

As the week wears on, I'm marking off the days to the race.  It's still doesn't feel real.  That's not stopping me from getting nervous about it! More than anything, I'm ready for it to be over!

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