Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Week in Shreveport, LA


Week of 2011-MAY-17
Well, it's officially happened.  I've become senile.  I confused *myself* with my "start at the ending and end at the beginning" post and got about 2 days in to this write-up before I realized I was retracing my steps. We also got our Company Relay race shirts and our Family Relay race shirts in this week (back design for Family Relay shirt to the left).

ANYWAY, this is my "Shreveport Week" and it's an easy write-up.  I took a week off from tracking my food (I still tried to eat modestly) and used it as a bit of an opportunity to try resting my body instead of adding to the stress of travel and client meetings with trying to keep hard workouts going.

On Tuesday (17th) I had a good interval run (6x800) along the riverwalk and I ditched my late-week tempo run to rest my naggingly sore left leg in order to be as healthy as possible for my last long run @ MP this weekend.  -- Runkeeper Stats & Map and Nike+ Graph

My only other marginally serious workout was a self-administered "gut check" fitness test on Wednesday night.  Last summer, I spontaneously set a goal to do 100 push-ups in a day (inspired by my friend Deb who did 100 per day for the entire month of May!)  After knocking those out pretty quickly, I changed the goal to do 300 in a 24h day.  That was a good challenge at the time and and I split it up to do 10-20 every 30 minutes or so.  Over the winter, I was traveling in Port Huron, MI and decided to see how quickly I could do 100 push-ups (4:00 is supposed to be a good mark).  I think my time was around 6:50.  I can't do 100 in a row, so the idea is that you can rest/stretch/whatever, but the clock keeps moving until you're done with #100.

Since one of my goals for this marathon was that I didn't want to LOSE any conditioning, I figured I'd see where I was about 4 months later.  When #100 was completed, I stopped the timer and saw that I trimmed over 2 minutes off my time, getting down to a 4:28.

That pretty well wraps up the week (last week) in Shreveport.  I rose way too early on Friday to fly home and took Saturday as another "day off" before my last long run going in to the last week before the race!

My next post will pick up on 2011-MAY-22 with the 10 mile run (...and yes, that comment is more for my benefit so I know where to begin!)

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