Friday, March 11, 2011

Bonus 500: Mid-week update


Once again, Wednesday Kettlebell class rolled around.  Our instructor (Mike) decided that 20+" of snow kinda sucked and took off for sunny LA, so our Monday/Friday instructor (Matt) took over the class.  I think changing things up is a good thing every now and again.  Both instructors are excellent at what they do, but are stylistically very different in the workout routines and exercises that make up any one of their classes.

This week's class mixed traditional Kettlebell exercises (one & two handed swings, snatches, get-ups) with more traditional dumbbell exercises (curls, flys, rows).  One interesting move that was thrown in was called a Goblet Squat to overhead press.  With feet wider than shoulder width apart and holding the Kettlebell tight to your chest with both hands, execute a squat, bringing your elbows down at least to your thighs.  When you come back up, continue the up motion with your arms, pressing the Kettlebell up & over your head and lower it back to the starting position to complete the rep.

I left the gym a bit sore which is a good mark for a solid workout.

2011-MAR-09 Diet Log


So far, the "Bonus 500" plan isn't exactly going as I expected and I don't think 7 days is going to be long enough to see a stable trend.  So far, in 3 days over-eating by 500 Kcal per day, I've *lost* a pound and a half.  To be fair, I still had some carry-over from a big weekend that came up 8 miles (~1000 Kcal) short on exercise, so my Monday weigh-in should be taken with a grain of salt.  I'm not dehydrated (I drink at least half a gallon of water every day), my "system" has been functioning normally, and I've been diligent as always about tracking food and logging exercise.

If the trend continues or seems to levelize, I'll have to give some thought about whether to bump up the Kcal another 500 per day or try changing the "delivery method" for those extra calories (by which I mean, "I have a homebrew kegerator and I know how to use it!).

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