Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.

I've been on the road (business) since Sunday and, while my training hasn't let up, my blogging time has been compromised.  Most meaningful update is that this week I did an outdoor interval run in Shrevport, LA back and forth across a fairly long bridge.  GoogleMaps says the intervals were ~800 - 900m each, the first half of which was up about a 6% grade before it flattened off at the top.  Going one way, the quartering wind was blowing so hard that it was difficult to breathe and you had to run with an awkward lean into the wind.

I'm still doing the Bonus 500 (or trying to) this week, but it's tremendously difficult to guess what's in the meals that I'm eating in restaurants.  As of last Friday, my weight was effectively the same it was a week before (which was down 2 pounds from the starting weight).  So, with around 6000 extra calories consumed in 12 days I basically maintained my weight.  Color me confused.

Since I *know* your chomping for something to read in the absence of the uber-blog, here are a few blogs I read which may be of interest. -- Mike just ran the LA Marathon and, aside from being in ridiculously better than I am, had similar goals for his marathon training and is a big proponent of functional fitness.  He also owns (and uses) a 48kg kettlebell. -- my SiL's blog (OINKTales) about being a stay-at-home mother of three (hence OINK -- One Income, Numerous Kids).  She will also be running a leg of the Vermont City Marathon this May.

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  1. Your SiL has been slacking. She may finish her leg of the relay on all fours. She is still working on a post about her "training" which she hopes to finish before VCM begins. Thanks for pushing the pig!