Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spinning: It's Like Running While Seated!


Going to bed Monday night, I was strongly contemplating doing a Spin on Tuesday vs. an Interval run. Waking up Tuesday morning and still having bruises on the top of my feet and very stiff/sore legs pretty well cemented that decision.  The weather is due to be pleasant on Thursday and I'd really like to get outside for my Tempo run vs. hammering on the treadmill for 5 miles and I was somewhat concerned that a run would set me back on my schedule.

My feet still hurt in the cycling shoes, but the pressure point was just different enough that I was still able to get a moderately good workout without further aggravating the tender areas.  This week, the spin class made use of the video screen and we "rode" a circuit around Acadia in Maine.  I have mixed feelings about the video-guided spin.  It's nice watching TV & seeing the beautiful scenery, but I couldn't help being bugged by the fact that the video footage didn't match up with the instruction (e.g. we'd be in a "climb" and the footage would cycle between uphill, flat, and downhill clips).  The workout did pass very quickly and I left class feeling like I really could have done more.

Until I feel back up to snuff, I will probably continue to do at least every other week's interval run as a spin on the bike.  I feel like my cardio conditioning is pretty strong and with my decision to focus more on the big picture of getting *to* the race vs. really caring too much about setting a challenging pace, I feel more comfortable swapping in an alternate training method for some interval runs.

2011-MAR-15 Diet Log


Quick update on the "Bonus 500 - Week 2" experiment.  After the huge gain on the weekend, my weight has continued to come down day by day.  I know I'm planning for it and purposefully eating the extra 500 Kcal per day, but it's been very easy to add in the additional calories and I'm starting to get used to it.  Going back to a "normal" diet after this experiment is over may be somewhat of a challenge!

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