Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What Ever Happened to Tucker Carlson?


Sunday was an off day and also was technically my diet cheat day.  I was sorer from the 18 mile run than I've been in a quite a while.  I think the lengthy hills and steady incline put a lot more work into my quads than flat-ground running and the cumulative effect caught up with me.  What that means is that it's an excellent training course.  If, "That pain you feel is weakness leaving the body," I left quite a bit of weakness in Westford this weekend!

Monday should have brought normalcy to my training plan, but our Monday instructor picked up a new gig for a few months, so we had a new trainer, new format, and new challenges for Monday's class.  Going in, all we knew was that it was called Crossfire and that the instructor (Travis) didn't believe in breaks.  I was hoping that Tucker Carlson would show up so I could remind him how John Stewart pwn'd him and effectively took down his silly little TV program.  (He didn't show up).

Now, a normal LIFT! class on Monday is a full-body workout.  It's a good follow-up from a weekend long-run because there's some leg work to get blood moving through the muscles, but it's only a small percentage of the class.  Monday's Crossfire class was designed around taking fresh legs and making them sore, tired legs.  In that regard, the workout must be categorized as an immediate success because that was my starting point.  Lots of jump-roping (I don't think Travis heard the foul language I chose to utter), jumping jacks, squat jumps, and wall sits comprised the first portion of the class.  There were weighted (2 x 15lb) walking lunges, sometimes adding a bicep curl, sometimes doing an overhead press, some dead-lift to clean & press, more jump roping, pushups, sprints, one legged burpees, bear crawls and some static planks.

The good news is that the sprints finally started clearing out the pain in my quads and calves.  The bad news is that it didn't last more than a few hours before the muscle soreness started to creep back in.  Writing this the day after, I'm still a combination of sore from the run, from Crossfire, and from today's workout (which I was sore going into).  That's a good thing!  I've been feeling a little like I've taken my foot off the gas and I need something to bring some motivation back to my workouts.

2011-MAR-13 Diet Log -- Official Diet Cheat Day


If you're serious about knowing what's going in the tank, you need a good food scale.  One just went up on Woot.Com that looks to be a sound investment for anyone who cares about their diet.

The first week of "Bonus 500" ended on Sunday.  Each day I consumed at least 500 calories above what has seemed to be my 'break even' point.  My starting point on Monday (03/07) was 161.6 lbs, which is heavier than I've been and was likely a carry-over from eating a ton over the weekend.

Weight throughout the week (all weights taken in the morning before having anything to eat or drink):
  • 03/05-03/06 ...... + 2318 Kcal - Diet Cheat Day + Sunday
  • 03/07: 161.6 ...... + 517 Kcal    
  • 03/08: 161.0 ...... + 526 Kcal
  • 03/09: 160.0 ...... + 512 Kcal
  • 03/10: 159.2 ...... + 683 Kcal
  • 03/11: 159.4 ...... + 539 Kcal
  • 03/12: 159.0 ...... + 599 Kcal
  • 03/13: 161.2 ...... + 1089 Kcal - Diet Cheat Day
  • 03/14: 163.4 ......
Looking at the start and end, my weight change (1.8 lbs) correlates pretty well to the net calorie overage (6783 Kcal, counting the previous weekend).  My overage divided by 3500 Kcal/lb = and expected gain of 1.9 lbs, but looking at the detail the entirety of the gain came in a day.  I fairly consistently lost weight during the week, getting back down to around where I've been for months.

I'm going to keep this going for a second week and, since my weeks are fairly similar, will hope to make a week-to-week comparison on a daily basis and see if a clear trend develops.

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