Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In the Zone or Zoning Out?


Monday had me back in the gym for some not-too-heavy weights and cardio.  We did a pretty typical full-body, bottom to top, workout making liberal use of the Bosu Trainer.  We did squats, deadlifts, rows, curls, military presses, chest press, flys, pushups, calf raises, and a bunch of shoulder & core work.  Overall I felt pretty good after my long run the day before, but the balance stuff really started messing with my feet as the pressure of the Bosu caused me to bear most of my weight on my arches.

It was a very strange class for me.  The time passed by incredibly quickly and I was somewhere between in a zone and in a fog.  At one point the instructor informed me that I was doing my rows with the wrong arm.  I don't think I've done that since I started doing this a year ago!  Afterwards, the post-work-out shower and walk back to the office continued that foggy haze.  Fortunately it seemed to mostly blow off after my post-workout meal, but I never really did shake that disconnected feeling.

I was telling Laura about it in the evening, still not really sure what to make of it, and she said, "YOU RAN SEVENTEEN MILES YESTERDAY!"  Oh, yeah.  That.  I guess that's a better answer than going senile! 

2011-FEB-28 Diet Log -- Breakfast provided @ work *and* monthly company birthday celebration.

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