Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Hit a Girl (But She Asked For It!)


So I've slacked on bloggery for a few days.  Time to fire up those "Guest Bloggers" I've been threatening!  All y'all will be pleased to know that I'm going to try to keep these "days" short so I can get a caught up.

Back into the wayback machine we go to visit Friday.  It was an off day from running and it was what I still call the "Cardio Conditioning" class, despite the catchy CHISLE'D name on the gym schedule.  When the class first started, it was a combination of ladder drills and kick-boxing.  Today got us back into the beating-the-tar-out-of-each-other groove and I got to beat my older sister-from-another-mister Deb.

Deb and I have know each other for over 10 years, are both only-children (and act like it), and have been told that we act like brother/sister.  I think we've both wanted to hit each other on MANY occasions and Friday's class finally gave us that opportunity.

Now, I only hit her (versus the pads) 2 or 3 times (one of those times actually was unintentional).  There was no full-contact, head-gear-required, brawling kick-boxing class.  It was run-of-the-mill partner work where one person held pads and the other person did prescribed moves to hit or kick the pads.  Deb did figure out that when she held the pads HIGHER, my poor flexibility came into play and, though the kicks lacked force, the also lacked proper direction.  I contemplated dropping down for a leg-sweep, but I'm pretty sure the trainer would have frowned upon that.

Another tactic we were encouraged to employ was moving to simulate a fighter evading the jabs or crosses that were coming.  After my turn holding the pads, Deb complained about dizziness (blondes...) in such a way that I knew that I would take some of that same medicine on my turn.  What Deb didn't know (and soon found out) is that the person moving with the pads got a lot dizzier than the person doing the punching!

Overall, it was a great workout leading into Saturday's Long Run.  Not too much of a physical beat-up, but enough to get everything loose, push some cardio, and burn some calories.

2011-MAR-11 Diet Log -- still on the Bonus 500 plan!

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