Saturday, March 5, 2011

My quest to gain a pound (or two)


Quick catch-up post on a warm, rainy Saturday afternoon. The week overall has been somewhat of a training wash-out.  Kettlebell class on Wednesday was solid, if a bit weak on cardio elements (which is fine; I do that class more for strength-building than cardio).  Thursday was going to be a "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" workout where I mix cardio intervals on the treadmill with strength exercises as "recovery," but I'm still dealing with the aftermath of our roof leak and ServiceMaster spent the better part of the day here ripping down hunks of ceiling and putting in extremely noisy equipment to dry out the affected areas.

Friday ended up being a mental/physical recovery day overall as I spent a good portion of the day horizontal and likely came as close as I've come in a year to hitting my basal metabolism for a 24h period.  No exercise to be had on Friday.

Saturday is my prep day for my long run, so outside of some sets of push-ups & pull-ups, nothing big going on today outside of my goal to get in a relatively healthy 5000 Kcal (i.e. no sitting down with a stick of butter & eating it like a candy bar).

Tomorrow's run is simply going to suck.  The good news is that it's supposed to be in the 40s, but the bad news is that it's also supposed to be raining, then getting colder & turning to snow.  deLovely.

2001-MAR-02 Diet Log -- (no logs for 3rd & 4th)


For the most part, I've got my diet pretty well dialed in.  My days are very repeatable and, for better or for worse, I can keep my weight pretty consistent.  So in the next week or two, I'm going to conduct a little physical experiment.  For at least a week, maybe 2, I'm going to add an additional 500 Kcal to my diet.  I intend to keep everything I'm current doing exactly the same, but add in two Clif bars, each ranging from 240 - 260 Kcal each.  I'll probably add one post-workout and the other as "dessert" between dinner & bedtime.  

Based purely 500 Kcal per day works out to 3500 Kcal per week, or, if I truly am hitting my daily calories on the nose, exactly what I would need to add a pound of body weight, most likely as fat.  I may have to do this for two weeks to have a long enough experimental window to be able to see a measurable change or upward trend.  I'm thinking that I may not see any measurable change and, if that's the case, may shoot for a week of +1000 Kcal.  No hate mail, please!

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